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This is CFCF Television in Montreal, with studios and offices located at 405 Ogilvy Avenue, Montreal, Quebec. CFCF is owned and operated by CFCF, Incorporated. CFCF 12 is a member of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters, adhering to the CAB Code of Ethics and other industry codes that promote high standards and good taste in programming and advertising. CFCF 12 has an effective radiated power of 325,000 watts. The programs telecast on CFCF 12 are for the sole purpose of entertaining and informing our viewers. No program in part or its entirety may be recorded or rebroadcast without the express written consent of the management of CFCF Television. We now leave the air until 5:59 AM today when we will return with a full schedule of outstanding entertainment, news and information. We at CFCF 12 sincerely hope that you've enjoyed your viewing day with us, and now, to our viewers everywhere, good night. This is CFCF 12 Montreal.

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I remember to cdotz86 account was deleted TO BE ANNOUNCED!!! should remember to cdotz86 deleted his channel.