1959 Edit

This concludes the telecasting activities of CFPL-TV London, Canada, the television station of the London Free Press, for today. This station operates with an effective radiated power of 325 kilowatts video power, and 195 kilowatts audio power. All food and drug advertising telecast on this station have been reviewed by the Department of National Health and Welfare. Our studios and transmitter are located on Commissioners Road, London, Canada. We trust that our programs telecast this evening have been entertaining and informative, and that tomorrow you will enjoy a host of excellent programs from channel 10. Until then, a very pleasant good night and good morning.

2011 Edit

This concludes the telecasting activities of CFPL-TV, known as CTV Two London, a division of Bell Media. The station is licensed by the Canadian Radio and Television Telecommunications Commission and adheres to the condition of that license. CTV Two London transmits on channel 10 between 192 and 198 megahertz. From all of us at CTV Two London, good night and good morning.