For the AM radio station in Mega Manila, see DWBL-AM 1242kHz Sign On and Sign Off with the same callsign.

This is radio station DWBL-FM a commercial radio station owned and operated by the ARCHDIOCESE OF SAN FERNANDO, operated at 91.9 MHz, with the power of 1,000 watts

DWBL-FM is duly authorised by the NTC with temporary permit # BSD-0180-2014 which will expire on 4/3/17

DWBL-FM studios and transmitters are located at: 401 4th Floor, DIOCESE OF SAN FERNANDO Building, Gen. Hizon Ave., Barangay del Pilar, CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, PAMPANGA

DWBL-FM is operated by the following E&CE, RTO & ET duly licensed by the NTC and the PRC

ECE: PERSON 1: with license # 0035895

FCRTO: Mark Paraiso: with license # 14-1PNCR-26659

ET: PERSON 1: with license # 0007458

ET: PERSON 2: with license # 0010393

and ET: PERSON 3: with license # 0010394

This is radio station DWBL-FM, NOW SIGNING ON/OFF

This is the Roman Catholic Archbishop of San Fernando: DWBL-FM 91.9

DWBL-FM is a commercial broadcast station authorised by the NTC with temporary permit # BSD-0112-2017 to expire on April 3, 2020

DWBL-FM transmitter and studio complex are located at 4th floor, DSF Building, General Hizon Avenue, Del Pilar, San Fernando City, Pampanga

DWBL-FM is authorised to operate from 5:00 AM to 12:00 MN the following day with the power of 1,000 watts

This station is operated and maintained by the following personnel duly licenced by the NTC and the PRC

PERSON 1, with licence # 0068117

PERSON 2, with licence # 0067376

PERSON 3, with licence # 0017088

Mark Paraiso, with licence # 14-PNCR-26659

Paulo Fransha Mercado, with licence # 0017089

Ladies & gentlemen, this is DWBL-FM 91.9 now signing on & off