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DWRD FM MOR 93.9 Legazpi Sign on (March 2017).

DWRD FM MOR 93.9 Legazpi Sign on (March 2017)..9 Legazpi Sign on (March 2017)

No station notice during sign on. the station notice is only aired during sign off.

Sign Off Edit

This is MOR 93.9 DWRD-FM

a commercial radio station owned and operated by ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation as authorized by the National Telecommunications Commission with permit number BSD-0018-2002 with the output power of 5,000 watts


DWRD-FM MOR 93.9 Legazpi Sign Off 2018

MOR 93.9 DWRD-FM transmitter is located at the Mount Bariw, Legazpi City, and studio at the Vel-Amor Subdivision, Legazpi City.

MOR 93.9 DWRD-FM is maintain and operated by the following personnel duly licensed by the National Telecommunications Commission.

  • Raul Callo: 94-1PV-10119
  • Jaime Muya : 93-1PIV-4422
  • Romeo Bert _______: 92-1PV-1550
  • Allen Rivera: 93-1PV-4715
  • Ernesto Villar: 92-1PV-1538

This is MOR 93.9 DWRD-FM now signing off.