September 17, 2017-present (S+A) (voiced by TJ Manotoc)Edit

This is Channel 21 Davao, a commercial UHF TV Broadcast Station, owned and operated by ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, transmitting on a 20 Kilowatt effective radited power, with permit No. BSD-0245-2017 (REN/MOD), effective until September 9, 2019.

Channel 21 Studios and Transmitter are located at ABS-CBN Broadcast Center, Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City. 

The operations of Channel 21 Davao are supervised by the following Electronics and Communications Engineers duly licensed by the Professional Regulations Commission.

  • Engineer. Bernardo M. Acosta PECE no. 864
  • Engineer. Andres M. Rara PECE No. 835
  • Engineer. Bobby Nolasco PECE No. 837 

Operated by the following Broadcast Engineers and First Class Radio Telephone Operators duly licensed by the Professional Regulations Commission and National Telecommunications Commission.

  • Engineer Jose Rizalde M. Umipig: PECE no. 794 
  • Engineer Melvin C. Acosta: PECE no. 407 
  • Engineer Benito Mercado: PECE no. 865
  • Engineer. Jaime R. Silos ECE No. 2924
  • Benedicto San Vicente 96-1PHN-1342
  • Cecilio Mikael G. Abalos 98-1PRC-2125 
  • Jose Wilfredo B. Gonzales 97-1PVII-15342
  • Gonzalvo Manuel Allado Jr. 93-1PXII-12259
  • Jose Alejandro G. Gutierrez 91-1PVII-12477
  • Emilio Manuel R. Solis 94-1PNCR-14455
  • Junesito Gonzaga 93-1PNCR-1224
  • Rogelio Pumaren 99-1PNCR-44559
  • Gilberto Bautista 92-1PNCR-4597
  • Jose Ramon B. Duavit 96-1PNCR-1446
  • Andresito Fernandez 93-1PNCR-223
  • Ruben Enriquez 92-1PHN-223
  • Elquin M. Damon 93-1PXI-224
  • Julius S. Catacutan 92-1PRC-223
  • Gilfredo Velasquez 93-1PRC-224
  • Almario R. Rentura 91-1PRC-27
  • Angel R. Rosamanta 94-1PNCR-22

  Channel 21 DAVAO, is now signing on/off.