This is radio station DXBE-FM Magic 89.1 is a commercial, Top 40, CHR Radio Station. License by the National Telecommunications Commission to operate with a maximum of 5,000 watt Transmitting Power

DXBE-FM is own and operated by Quest Broadcasting Incorporated, the stations, studios and transmitter are located at Unit 13 & 14, 6th floor of Metro Lifestyle Comples, F. Torres corner E. Jacinto extension, Davao City

This station is maintained by the following engineering and technical personnel duly licensed by Professional Regulations Commission and the National Telecommunications Commission

Headed by a networks engineer:

  1. Pamaan Usol - PECE #283

First Class Radio Operators:

  1. Rauel Babuena 95-1PXI-13120
  2. Andres Holland Jr. 93-1PXI-5998
  3. Bonifacio Panosong Jr. 93-1PXI-23832

DXBE-FM Today's Best Music Magic 89.1 is now signing on/off