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DXBT-FM 99.5 Sign On and Sign Off

You are listening to station DXBT-FM.

A commercial broadcast station owned and operated by AudioVisual Communicators Inc. as authorized by the National Telecommunications Commission under License No. BSD - 0388 - 2005

station DXBT-FM operates from 5:00 AM to 12:00 midnight on 99.5 MHz, with the power of 10,000-watts with transmitter and studio located at the Peak, Gaisano Mall of Davao, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City.

This station is being maintained by the following personnels duly licensed by the National Telecommunications Commission.

First Class Radio Operators:

  • Fred DeLumen with License No. 99-1PXI-23829
  • _________ Lozada, Jr. with License No. 01-1PXI-25531
  • and Cerino V _____, Jr. with License No. 97-1PXII-20553

station DXBT-FM Monster Radio 99.5 is now signing on / off.

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