September 17, 2017-present (S+A) (voiced by TJ Manotoc) Edit

This is DYAC-TV Channel 23 Cebu, a commercial UHF TV Broadcast Station, owned and operated by ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, transmitting on 100 kilowatt transmitter output power, with permit No. BSD-0067-2017 (REN), effective Until July 6, 2019.

Channel 23 Studios is Located at ABS-CBN Broadcasting Complex North Road Jagobiao Provincial of Mandaue City, Republic of the Philippines.

Channel 23 Transmitter Station is Located at  Mount Busay Babag 1 Provincial of Cebu City.

The Operations of Channel 23 Cebu are supervised by the following Electronics and Communications Engineers duly licensed by the Professional Regulations Commission.

  • Engineer. Bernardo M. Acosta: PECE No. 864

  • Engineer. Ralph T. Palma: ECE No. 29315
  • Engineer. Peter Martin G. Alfafara: PECE NO. 953

Operated by the following Electronics and Communications Engineers and First Class Radio Telephone Operators duly licensed by the Professional Regulations Commission and National Telecommunications Commission.

  • Engineer. Jose Rizalde M. Umipig: PECE No. 794
  • Engineer. Melvin C. Acosta: PECE No. 407
  • Engineer. Glynn Anthony A. Barroga: ECE No. 37435
  • Engineer. Louie O. Siapengco: PECE No. 15586
  • Rafael A. Racelis: 94-1PNCR-11977
  • Innocencio Robert D. Maniago: 95-1PNCR-15029
  • Arnel V. Aricheta: 93-1PNCR-6617
  • Nathaniel F. Santiago: 11-1PHN-26421
  • Alan S. Mangubat: 97-1PXI-20349
  • Arvie P. Cariaga: 95-1PVII-603
  • Jose Enrico Wenceslao Ng Sinco: 94-1PNCR-10804
  • Gilmar M. Morales: 94-PHN-23197
  • Ricardo Silvestre Enguerra: 93-1PVII-25167

Channel 23 Cebu, is now signing on/off.