Preparing for DTV Transition Edit

INNCD 47 Analog Sign off Nov 1 2009

INNCD 47 Analog Sign off Nov 1 2009

Due to the federally mandated DTV Conversion, WXXC, Channel 47, will now officially turn off its analog signal. By now you should have already subscribed to cable, satellite television, or Pay TV service. However, if you are a subscriber and are seeing this message please contact you provider. However, if you're watching us on an over the air antenna system, you should have already gotten a digital converter box, or digital television set. For more details, go to

In a few moments, after 10 years, WWXC-FCA will turn off its analog class A signal, and will broadcast in 100% full power digital.

But first, a look back at analog history, on channel 47.

(Some music)

And now, our national Anthem. (From WNDU-TV Analog Sign off)

(National Anthem playing)

Final Words in Analog Edit

This concludes analog broadcasting of INNCD 47, WXXC-FCA, Marion/Fort Wayne, Indiana.

WXXC was owned and operated by NO SIR GIFTS venues of Marion, Indiana, and telecasted on channel 47, as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission.

All other analog broadcasting service is now discontinued. We hope you'll continue to watch WXXC programming on WXXC-FDT, channels 47.1, 47.2, 47.3, 47.4, or 47.5.

Now, on behalf of the staff of INNCD 47, we bid you a pleasant goodnight.

(black screen, then static)