1978 (WTCN-TV) Edit

WTCN-TV will return with programming at 5:30 this morning. WTCN-TV is owned and operated by WTCN Television, Inc., a service of Metromedia Television. WTCN-TV operates by permission of the Federal Communications Commission on channel 11. The transmitter is located at 960 West County Road F in Shoreview, Minnesota. Studios are at 441 Boone Avenue North in Minneapolis. WTCN-TV continuously strives to bring you the best possible television entertainment and information.

Late 1980s-Early 1990s (KARE) Edit

NOTE: This sign off video is impossible to find on the internet.

This is KARE channel 11, Minneapolis/St. Paul, concluding another day of broadcasting in the public interest. KARE is owned and operated by the Gannett Broadcasting Corporation, with offices and studios located at 441 Boone Avenue North in Minneapolis, and transmitter located on West County Road F in Shoreview, Minnesota. KARE operates on channel 11, on an assigned frequency of 198 to 204 megahertz, with an effective radiated power of 316,000 watts, as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. KARE also operates studio-to-transmitter link KAV-27, and intercity relay stations WHY-624 and WGW-940. KARE is an affiliate of the NBC Television Network, and is an equal opportunity employer. And now, from the staff and management of KARE channel 11, we bid you a very pleasant good night and good morning.