1983 Edit

And now the telecast day for KFSM-TV Channel 5 in Fort Smith, Arkansas, comes to a close. KFSM-TV is owned and operated by The Times Southwest Broadcasting, Inc., of Fort Smith, with studios and offices at 318 North 13th Street, Fort Smith, Arkansas. KFSM-TV telecast on channel 5 with a visual carrier frequency of 77.24 megahertz, and aural carrier frequency of 81.74 megahertz, as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, D.C. KFSM-TV transmits on microwave transmitters KLG-68 and KHD-43. KFSM-TV is affiliated with the CBS Television Network. We will return to the air tomorrow morning. And now, on behalf of the management and staff, and the engineers on duty this evening, good night and pleasant dreams.