1980s Edit

This is KGNS-TV Channel 8, Laredo, ending another broadcast day. KGNS-TV is owned and operated by KGNS-TV, Incorporated, with studio and transmitter located on Del Mar Boulevard in downtown Laredo. KGNS-TV channel 8 operates on an assigned frequency of 180 to 186 megahertz, with an effective radiated power of 316,000 watts visual and 31,600 watts aural, as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. KGNS-TV will return to the air later this morning. Now from the staff and management of KGNS-TV, we bid you a pleasant good night and good morning.

2002 Edit

At this time, KGNS concludes another day of broadcasting. Please join us later this morning. Have a good evening, and thank you, 8 Country, for watching KGNS-TV.