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KMGH-7 (CBS) Pastoral Call and sign-off, 8 5 1980

KMGH-7 (CBS) Pastoral Call and sign-off, 8 5 1980

This is KMGH-TV channel 7, with studio transmitter links KAK-91, KLC-55, KLC-56 and KLC-73 in Denver. As a subscriber in good standing to the Television Code of the National Association of Broadcasters, KMGH-TV proudly displays this Seal of Good Practice. With this, we bring to a close KMGH-TV's operating day.

(inspirational message)

KMGH-TV is authorized by the Federal Communications Commission to operate on channel 7, with an effective radiated power of 316,000 watts. KMGH-TV is owned and operated by McGraw-Hill Broadcasting Company, Incorporated. Some of the programs telecast on channel 7 are pre-recorded on videotape and film. Our studios and offices are located at 123 Speer Boulevard in Denver, with transmitter located atop Lookout Mountain, Golden, Colorado. The entire staff of KMGH-TV channel 7 wishes you a very pleasant good morning.