1980s Edit

This is KPVI, Pocatello, Idaho, concluding another day of broadcasting in the public interest. KPVI-TV is licensed to the Futura Communications Corporation, which operates on channel 6, as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. KPVI-TV utilizes the facilities of microwaves WAB-321 and WAB-322. KPVI is an affiliate of the ABC-TV network and provides the finest in local and network programming. Some programs seen on KPVI are reproduced using film or videotape. Join us tomorrow morning for more fine entertainment and news. Good night.

1999 Edit

Good morning. This is KPVI Pocatello NBC News 6, concluding another broadcast day. KPVI is owned and operated by Oregon Trail Broadcasting and is an affiliate of the NBC Television Network. Some of the programming on NBC News 6 has been recorded for playback at a later time. Rebroadcast of any programs or portions thereof without express written consent of Oregon Trail Broadcasting is prohibited. Have a good morning.