This is KSTW-TV/DT, Tacoma/Seattle, Washington. KSTW CW11 is owned and operated by the CW Television Stations, Inc., and is affiliated with the CW Television Network. Our transmitter is located on Capitol Hill in Seattle. At the end of this announcement, KSTW will no longer transmit an analog signal on channel 11. Unless you subscribe to a cable or satellite service provider, your analog TV set will no longer receive programming on channel 11. Also, at the end of this announcement, KSTW will move its digital signal from channel 36 to channel 11. Viewers with HD sets or HD converter boxes using an antenna will need to rescan to continue receiving KSTW's programming. If you need assistance with the transition to HD television, please call one of the numbers on your screen. KSTW-TV now concludes our analog transmission. Please stand by.