The Salute the Flag SSB is a national anthem film that was produced by the American Legion and the Citizen's Flag Alliance. The performance of the Star-Spangled Banner was performed by Sandi Patty, and was released on the charity album "They Come To America" in 1986. The video was produced sometime in the late 1980s, and features people honoring the U.S. Flag in many ways.

Background Edit

Sandi Patty's rendition of the national anthem was featured during the end of ABC's presentation of the Statue of Liberty re-dedication broadcast on July 6, 1986. The performance was released as part of the aforementioned charity album, benefitting the Ellis Island Foundation. The producers of the album decided to add an additional verse that was not part of lyricist Francis Scott Key's original 4 stanzas; this added verse was written by Patti, and is not included in the video. The rendition is also known for its distinctive introduction.

Stations using the film Edit



WECT (1989, sign-off message delivered over opening fanfare)

WRTV (final analog sign-off, 6/12/2009)




Video Edit

Original studio version (with added verse)

Original studio version (with added verse)

KVLY Sign-Off (2009, Pre-Analog Shutdown)

KVLY Sign-Off (2009, Pre-Analog Shutdown)

National anthem film (1st verse only)