1991-1997 (as AVM Television) Edit


(AM) This is AVM Television on Channel 4, broadcasting from Lady Young Road, Morvant. As we begin this day of broadcasting, we are mindful of the environment in which we operate. We are mindful not only of the bountiful resources of this land of ours, that is Trinidad & Tobago, but of the freedoms we enjoy, and our responsibility as a broadcaster to foster and preserve the very democracy which preserves such freedoms. Even as we go through the day, we seek your blessings and guidance to make us a better broadcaster so that we may be a better service to you. This is AVM Television, channel 4.

(PM) This is AVM Television, your family station, signing on our evening transmission. An interesting and entertaining mix of programs awaits you. So please stay with us here on AVM Television channels 4 & 16, your family station.


(AM) This is AVM Television, your family station on channels 4 & 16, signing off transmission for now. We should be on the air again later this afternoon with programs cared to the entire family. Do join us then. In the meantime, do have a good day.

(PM) This is AVM Television, channel 4. As we come to the end of this broadcast day, we hope that you have found our programming satisfying. Indeed, this has been our purpose. And with this in mind, to all this effort we will strive to make even better. We now wish you a safe and pleasant good night. This is AVM Television on channel 4.