1990 Edit

This is WAND Television Channel 17 Decatur, Illinois signing off. WAND is operated and licensed to WAND Television, Inc., a subsidiary of the LIN Broadcasting Corporation, with studios and microwave transmitter KVF-22, operating on a frequency of 6,937 megahertz, located on Southside Drive in Decatur, Illinois. WAND's microwave receiver and main transmitter are located near Argenta, Illinois. WAND channel 17 operates on a peak effective radiated visual power of 5 million watts, and an aural power of 500,000 watts, as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. WAND Television also operates translator W68AA, located at Vermilion and Main in Danville, Illinois, with 15,428 watts of effective radiated power on channel 68. WAND operates remote pickup KVY-747, KS-3853, and KS-3854, on an assigned frequency of 161.64 megahertz, as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. Rebroadcasting or copying any programs without the express permission of this station is illegal and prohibited. Some programs viewed during this broadcast were pre-recorded. Thank you for joining us. We wish you a pleasant good night.