1989 (WBAK-TV) Edit

WBAK-TV, Terre Haute, Indiana, now concludes its broadcast day. WBAK-TV is owned and operated by Terre Haute Independent Broadcasters, Incorporated, with studios located at 2nd and Poplar Streets in Terre Haute, Indiana. Our transmitter is located on US Highway 41, south of Farmersburg, Indiana, and is authorized to operate at a power of 2.15 million watts visual on a frequency of 615.25 megahertz, and an aural frequency of 619.75 megahertz, by the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, D.C. Also on studio-to-transmitter link WQE-49, and on intercity microwave relays WRS-28, WRS-29, WRS-30 and WRS-31. WBAK is an affiliate of the American Broadcasting Company. Correspondence may be sent to WBAK-TV, Post Office Box 719, Terra Haute, Indiana, 47808. And now, good night from the entire staff of WBAK-TV, Channel 38, Terre Haute, Indiana.