Late 1980s Edit

TV-55 now concludes its programming schedule. Portions of today's programs were pre-recorded. Programs broadcast on this station may not by used for any purpose except for exhibition at the time of broadcast, on receivers of the type ordinarily used for home reception, and in places where no admission, cover, or mechanical operating charges are made. Broadcasting by authority of the Federal Communications Commission, TV-55 transmits an effective radiated power of 5 million watts, and operates on frequencies from 716 to 722 megahertz. WBNX-TV 55 is owned and operated by Winston Broadcasting Network. Our signal is transmitted from our tower in Parma, and the studios are located at 2690 State Road, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. WBNX-TV 55 now leaves the air but will return this morning with another full day of family television. The TV-55 family bids you good night.