1956 (WLWC) Edit

Now may we suggest you tune your radio to WLW, 700 on your dial for Music 'til Dawn, a restful, relaxing musical period brought to you by Pete Matthews. There's news and weather reports too on Music 'til Dawn, over WLW radio, 700 on your dial.

And so we conclude another day of television programs from WLWC, Your Station of Stars in Columbus, Ohio. WLWC is owned and operated by the Crosley Broadcasting Corporation, a service of Avco Manufacturing Corporation, and operates on channel 4, 66 to 72 megacycles, by authority of the Federal Communications Commission. Now this is Clark Smith speaking for the entire staff of WLWC wishing you a very pleasant good night, and reminding you that at 6:15 in the morning, you'll be seeing us.

Mid 1980s Edit

This is WCMH-TV Channel 4, Columbus, ending another broadcast day.

Good morning. This is WCMH-TV, owned and operated by Outlet Communications, Incorporated. WCMH-TV operates on channel 4 on an assigned frequency of 66 to 72 megahertz. Our studios and offices are located at 3165 Olentangy River Road in Columbus, Ohio. The programs from WCMH-TV and the NBC Television Network are transmitted over studio-transmitter link WHA-919 to our main transmitter at 766 Twin Rivers Drive. The staff and management of TV-4 wish you a very pleasant good morning.