1995 (WGNX-TV) Edit

WGNX-TV 46 Atlanta sign off 1995

WGNX-TV 46 Atlanta sign off 1995

WGNX now concludes its broadcast day.

WGNX is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tribune Broadcasting Company.

WGNX is licensed to broadcast on channel 46 by the authority of the Federal Communications Commission.

WGNX operates with an effective radiated power of 1,780,000 watts visual, and 178,000 watts aural.

The WGNX studios and offices are located at 1810 Briarcliff Road Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia.

The transmitting facilities are located on Shepherds Lane in Dekalb County.

The management and staff of WGNX channel 46, your CBS affiliate in Atlanta, wish you a very good evening.