1978 Edit


You're tuned to WKEF Television, Channel 22, Dayton, Ohio, an equal opportunity employer. This station is owned and operated by the Springfield, Massachusetts Television Corporation under authority granted by the Federal Communications Commission. The programs broadcast by this station may not be used for any purpose except exhibition at the time of their broadcast on receivers of the type normally used for home reception in places where no admission, cover or mechanical operating charges are made. WKEF is a subscriber to the Code of the National Association of Broadcasters. WKEF-TV Channel 22 operates on an assigned operating frequency of 518 to 524 megahertz with a power output of 2,340,000 watts visual and 234,000 watts aural. From our studio and transmitter building located at 1731 Soldiers Home West Carrollton Road, Dayton, Ohio, we are about to conclude another day of telecast service. We shall return to the air this morning at 5:45.

1987 Edit

You're tuned to Channel 22, television station WKEF. This station is owned and operated by Adams TV of Dayton Incorporated. WKEF operates with visual effective radiated power of 2 million 340 thousand watts and an audio power of 234 kilowatts in the greater Dayton area. Our assigned frequency is 518 to 524 megahertz with a studios and transmitter located in Dayton, Ohio. The programs broadcast by the station are for the enjoyment and advancement of the public within the area which the Federal Communications Commission licenses this station to serve. For these programs WKEF has secured exclusive contract rights. Duplication or redistribution for profit without the express written consent of this station is an infringement of one or more exclusivity contracts.