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1989 WLBT Signoff

1989 WLBT Signoff

WLBT, a broadcast service of TV-3, Incorporated, concludes another broadcast day. WLBT operates on full power as designated for channel 3, video microwave KJS-37, and audio microwave KLQ-46. WLBT, Jackson, Mississippi, maintains studios at 715 South Jefferson Street, with transmitter located southeast of Raymond, Mississippi. WLBT provides viewers in Mississippi and portions of Louisiana and Arkansas with the finest in television programming. Speaking for the staff and management, this is Bert Case wishing you and yours a pleasant good night and a good morning.

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  • The name WLBT comes from the station's original owner, Lamar Broadcast Television, a subsidiary of locally-based Lamar Life Insurance Company. Under their ownership, channel 3 was a staunch promoter of continued racial segregation in the Southern United States. The position Lamar had on this matter was reflected in various aspects of WLBT's broadcast day, from news coverage to news editorials to programming (for example, in 1955, WLBT placed a technical difficulties slide over a Today Show interview with future Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.) The station ignored petitions from civil rights groups and various warnings from the FCC concerning its violations of the Fairness Doctrine. Finally, in 1969, the U.S. Court of Appeals voted to revoke WLBT's license for failing to serve the public interest. Lamar tried to appeal the case but lost. In June 1971, the FCC re-licensed WLBT to Communications Improvement, Inc., a non-profit, bi-racial organization that owned it until 1980, when it went to a company named TV-3, Inc., which at the time of the embedded video's capture had been a subsidiary of Civic Communications, owned by future Jackson mayor Frank Melton.