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This is WNAC-TV Channel 7 in Boston, time for us all now to say goodnight and to bed.


WNAC-TV channel 7 in Boston with studios located at 21 Brookline Avenue. We now conclude telecasting for today.

1970s-May 22, 1982Edit

WNAC-TV final sign-off 1982

WNAC-TV final sign-off 1982

This is WNAC-TV, channel 7, with studios located in the RKO General Building in the Government Center, in Boston, Massachusetts. WNAC-TV is a member of the National Association of Broadcasters. Some of the programs telecast by WNAC-TV were pre-recorded. We now conclude telecasting for today.

Notes Edit

  • WNAC-TV was one of two stations in the Boston area to have its licensed revoked by the FCC (the other being WHDH-TV, whose channel space has been occupied by WCVB-TV since March 19, 1972.) Both stations had their licenses revoked due to improprieties on the part of their parent corporations.
  • The revocation of WNAC-TV's license was part of a long investigation by the FCC into the financial and business practices of RKO General, and, in turn, the licensee's parent General Tire. In 1981, General Tire admitted to various acts of corporate misconduct as part of a settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Such acts included bribery and making illegal contributions to political campaigns. RKO General, however, withheld the evidence from FCC meetings, which led to the revocation of WNAC-TV's license. Originally, the FCC had also revoked the licenses for WOR-TV in New York (which relocated to Secaucus, New Jersey and became WWOR-TV later in the decade) and KHJ-TV (now KCAL-TV) in Los Angeles but they were returned to RKO General by an appeals court, who felt tying their renewals to WNAC-TV's was an overreach. Though RKO General would appeal the decision, the FCC decided to grant grocery magnate David Mugar the construction permit for a new license on channel 7 in February 1982. With no fanfare, WNAC-TV went off the air at midnight on May 22, 1982, and Mugar's station, WNEV-TV went on the air a few hours later, inheriting all the non-license assets of WNAC-TV. Channel 7 in Boston is now known as WHDH-TV. The WNAC-TV call sign is now used by channel 64 in Providence, Rhode Island.