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Now that another broadcast day has ended, we sincerely hope that WTRF Television has been a source of entertainment, education and information for all throughout the day. It is our desire to bring you a well-balanced diet of good programming for your viewing pleasure, and a full coverage of news and special events as they happen. Our transmitter bringing you black-and-white, as well as compatible color, is located on Kirkwood Heights, Bridgeport, Ohio. Our studio and offices are located in the Ogden Building, 1329 Market Street, in Wheeling, West Virginia. WTRF Television, as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission in Washington D.C., operates on a frequency of 174 to 180 megacycles, with 316,000 watts of visual power. WTRF Television is owned and operated by WTRF Television, Incorporated. Until tomorrow morning at 6:15 when we resume our telecasting operations, our entire staff of WTRF Television wishes you a pleasant good night.