1989 Edit

At this time, WXMI-TV Channel 17 concludes its broadcast day. WXMI is owned and operated by TV-17 Unlimited, and operates from its studios at 3117 Plaza Drive Northeast in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on federally assigned frequencies of 489.25 megahertz visual and 493.75 megahertz aural, with a combined radiated power of 1.3 million watts. TV-17 transmits programming via intercity relay WHB-288 to its transmitter site at 12481 Davis Road, Middleville, Michigan. Portions of today's programming were live, on film or videotaped. Materials broadcast on WXMI are the exclusive right of WXMI, and any rebroadcast, retransmission or duplication without the express written permission of WXMI-TV 17 is prohibited. We invite your comments and suggestions on our programming. Write Program Manager, WXMI-TV, 3117 Plaza Drive Northeast, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49505. We hope you've had a pleasant day.