WXYZ TV sign-off 1980

This is WXYZ-TV with studios and transmitter at Broadcast House, Southfield, Michigan. Channel 7 is owned and operated by the American Broadcasting Company. We operate with 316 kilowatts visual, 31.6 kilowatts aural power, as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. For 31 years channel 7 has proudly presented news top entertainment shows useful information and discussions of issues important to the lives of nearly 5,000,0000 viewers in metropolitan Detroit. We hope we made your day a little brighter. We invite you now to tune in to WXYZ Radio 1271 on your AM dial, or to WRIF 101 on your FM dial for music throughout the night. We'll see you again at 6:00 this morning, until then we bid you a very pleasant good night and good morning.