1985 (WKYH-TV) Edit

At this time, WKYH-TV in Hazard, Kentucky has come to the end of another broadcast day. Channel 57 operates on 728 to 734 megacycles. Our power is 214 kilowatts visual maximum, and 28.9 kilowatts aural maximum. Our tower height is 442.2 feet, which is 800 feet above average terrain. It is 2,114 feet above sea level. Channel 57 is owned by Kentucky Central Television in Lexington, Kentucky. Channel 57 is an affiliate of the NBC television network. Be sure and join us in the morning at 7AM for the best in programming from the mountains of eastern Kentucky on WKYH-TV in Hazard. Now for the staff and management, we would like to wish you a pleasant good evening. Ladies and gentlemen, our national anthem.