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1973-1976 (WYOO-FM 101.3MHz Super U100)[]

Sign-off (voiced by Gary Marshall)[]


U100, WYOO-AM/FM Stereo, Richfield; owned and operated by Fairchild Broadcasting of Minnesota, Inc.

And now, U100, WYOO-AM & FM Stereo, Richfield; signs off the air in order for our ace engineering crew to make some minor technical adjustments. WYOO-FM operates at federally assigned frequency of 980 kilohertz, at 5,000 watts authorized power output. WYOO-FM operates at a frequency of 101.3 megahertz, and 100,000 watts power output. And now, until 5 a.m. this morning - a few minutes of extended, uninterrupted Minnesota static. Good morning.

September 15 1976[]

See also: WPBC-FM (defunct) 101.3 FM sign-off


  • Since 1976, the 101.3 frequency has been occupied by Top 40 station KDWB.